As a business owner, if you haven’t already, you should be considering integrating digital signage into your 2019 business and marketing plan.

If you drive to work, head to the airport, take your kids to school, visit a government department, or check out the sales at your favourite clothes shop, the chances are you are going to come into contact with digital signage. LED and LCD Screens displaying videos, information, news, updates, bulletins, special offers and more – this method of marketing and imparting information has become an integral and important part of any successful marketing plan.

But, can every industry benefit from this agile, digital platform? ……….. Of course, let us give you a bit of inspiration.


Utilising digital signage in a store is a great way to sell to customers that are already in your shop. A so-called ‘soft-sell’, they are on your premises and prepared to shop, so by displaying additional information about special offers and promotions, digital signage can help to increase the average spend of each of your clients.

As well as promoting items, you can also use the signage to display information such as opening times, customer service information, and more importantly- social media handles to encourage your clients to interact with you even after they have left the store.


Gone are the days of writing the specials on a chalkboard, or even worse, printing them out on a scrap of paper to hand to diners as they take their seats. Savvy restaurant and café owners are displaying specials and promotions on digital signage within their establishment, with great success.

Do you have a happy hour on weekdays, or do you have a live band next week? This sort of information can also be displayed on the signage along with things like social media promotions and buy one get one free special offers.

Hotels can also benefit from installing such systems and the screens can display directions, information on conference rooms and events, as well as general hotel information such as check in and check out times, fire escape procedures, WiFi codes and breakfast times. 


Hospitals of any size can be something of a nightmare to navigate but by using digital signage such as the solution from Otrum, you can direct your visitors easily and clearly and even provide advice for them if they get lost.

Appointments can be called via the screens in the waiting room and issues such as delays, or cancellations can be displayed for all to see, without the need to announce over a tannoy. 


Waiting in line at the bank is a tedious but often unavoidable event for your clients, so why not take advantage of the time they spend on your premises and advertise to them?

You can promote savings accounts or home loans, credit cards, or insurance policies to them while they wait, as well as provide information on exchange rates, interest rates, or even financial news that may be of interest.


Government departments often get overrun with members of the public, all asking similar questions or requiring the same bits of information. Those that work in these positions also know about the significant amounts of time that can be wasted by people not following procedures or bringing correct documentation with them.

By putting this sort of information on digital signage, waiting times and the amount of time wasted can be significantly decreased, shortening queues, calming tensions, and making your staff more effective. 


The Otrum digital signage package is perfectly suited to the world of business.

Whilst you won’t be selling to your employees in a corporate setting, using digital signage can interact with Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange to perfectly synchronise your meeting rooms. Never double book the board room again through managing the bookings in this easy to see manner.

You can also provide information to employees without clogging up their email inbox, including holidays, changes in policy, announcements and more!

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