Digital Signage is a form of advertising that utilizes different media types to display photos, images, video, text, and other forms of media. It can usually be found in public spaces, shops, hotels, and on public transport, as well as being used often in corporate settings such as offices and conference centres. The main purpose of digital signage is to advertise products, impart information to appropriately targeted audiences or even as a meth of of a way-finding system.

Sometimes we get so caught up in technology that lies behind digital signage, that we forget to appreciate what it is supposed to be about; communicating a message and getting results. Whilst the technology is interesting, what business owners are more interested in is how digital signage can translate into returns and revenue for them.

So why exactly is digital signage important?

One of the main problems that businesses face is being able to promote themselves in a way that makes them stand out amongst all the marketing noise. Whether it is radio and TV, web and online, print, digital, or any other form, we are bombarded with adverts at every turn. Digital signage has the ability to cut through these plentiful distractions and to target a specific audience with special offers and rewards for doing business together.

Digital signage can be particularly effective in instances where it is positioned in a waiting room, or inside a shop. It can be used to promote special offers as a reward for visiting the store, or for providing useful information, FAQ’s, and greeting messages. All of these combine to create a better and more meaningful relationship between clients and businesses.

In instances of emergency, digital signage can be used to provide lifesaving information to employees and customers, pertaining to exits, procedures, and updates on the situation. Alerts can be displayed quickly as well as offering real-time updates and up-to-the-second information to everyone concerned.

Preparing printed materials or even written signage is laborious and time consuming. It also has additional benefits in that using digital signage is much more cost effective than printing and reprinting other types of marketing materials Simply put, a digital sign offers customers a quick and plentiful ROI, especially when compared to other methods.

As humans, we are more likely to be drawn to moving images as our brains are very much programmed for motion. A digital sign displaying moving images is much more likely to draw attention than a static poster or sign.

In a busy work environment, emails are no longer efficient for employees. Most remain unanswered or even unopened, and important messages and instructions are often lost, particularly in group emails. By using digital signs, management are able to communicate important messages to their staff, all at the same time with minimum fuss.

Digital Signage Totem

These are just a couple of reasons why digital signage is important and why you should consider utilising its power for your business operations.  Versatility is the name of the game with Otrum, who provide both indoor and outdoor totems to showcase whatever you need to be displayed for the benefit of your clients and guests. Our technology partners ensure a variety of LED LCD screens of commercial grade quality.

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