In this brief interview, Ruben Caruana, Smart Technologies’ Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) explains how the team at Smart Technologies goes about putting together and delivering custom Enterprise Solutions.

What does the term ‘Enterprise Solutions’ entail?

The term Enterprise Solutions sounds big and complicated. Basically, it means putting IT at the service of the client. At Smart Technologies we see our mission as being that of using today’s technology to help our clients achieve their objectives. The way we do this is by looking at the specific business problem and tailor-making customised solutions to address those requirements.

What kind of business problems do Enterprise Solutions set out to tackle, and how do you approach such assignments or projects at Smart Technologies?

The reality for many organisations is that they face an interconnected jumble of hodge-podge disparate systems, siloed knowledge, ever-changing technology, and a fast turnover of employees. We see our primary challenge as being that of helping the customer dissect the issues and set realistic and achievable milestones. We believe that in order to carry out Enterprise Solutions assignments effectively and efficiently, it is critical to select the right team for that particular project, with members who can carry out a quick and accurate assessment of the problem, plan the way forward, and undertake the implementation of the right solution. While many people see the adoption of new technology as an IT issue, the reality is that your new systems will impact a swathe of employees across many functions of your business. This is why at STL we rely on our core pre-sale team to help the client organisation understand the required change, as well as the benefits which will come from such change.

What is your role in such projects or assignments? What are the fundamental attributes of STL’s success in providing IT services?

One of my main roles is that of putting together the right team at STL that can handle the customer’s problem from start to finish. My job is made easier by the fact that we have a great team of professionals that are 100% focused on delivering the best solutions, with a number of years’ experience in delivering a diverse range of projects and dealing with various technologies. This makes STL one of Malta’s top IT services company. The trust we enjoy from our clients, and the reputation we have been building, also gives us the impetus to strive to further improve our offer. We do this by monitoring market trends, keeping abreast with new technologies, strengthening and forging new partnerships with top global solutions providers, and most of all, by always being open to feedback from our clients.