Alen Robovic has been appointed Systems Architect at Smart Technologies Limited (STL), taking over the baton from Robert Azzopardi, who will now be the firm’s first Chief Technology Officer.

Alen is another ICT veteran, with more than 25 years’ experience in administering systems, architecting comprehensive IT solutions, and last but not least project management. Alen developed a strong background in both electrical engineering and computer science, and also thanks to his constant quest for improvement – he recently obtained his Project Management Level 6 certificate – he has kept on top of the latest global developments in ICT. Nowadays he is focused on providing solutions that harness the power of information technologies to provide insights, intelligence and innovation that help clients transform their business.

In his role as Systems Architect, Alen Robovic will be creating and implementing information systems and networks for STL’s clients, while analysing desired processes and recommending the right combination of IT components to achieve a specific goal. Smart Technologies Limited’s CEO, Joe Aquilina, welcomed Alen to the firm. He expressed his confidence that Alen would prove to be valuable addition to the team of professionals at STL, and that his many qualities would be reflected in quality outcomes for STL’s clients.