Smart Technologies Ltd will be promoting the benefits of an active lifestyle through sports and physical activity for the overall well-being of its employees, through its collaboration with the Malta Employee Sports Association (MESA). MESA promotes sports and physical activity for employees of member companies through the organisation of tournaments and games.

Thanks to our tireless HR coordinator Mariella Cassar, we now have secured the keen participation of a good number of our people to take part in two events organised by MESA, namely a 5K run in Cottonera to be held sometime in December, and a bowling tournament on the 14th November.

Meet the teams

The 5K run team is composed of John Montanaro, Joeane Gauci, Manuel Aquilina, Mariella Cassar, Lianne Mifsud, Hassan Sohail, Karl Fenech, Stephen Borg and Mark Martin. The bowling team includes Hassan Sohail, Mariella Cassar, Ivan Bonanno, Isabel Bonello, Stephen Borg, Abigail Mifsud, Matthew Gatt, David Mangion, Lianne Mifsud and Gianluca Portelli.

We are pleased to report that both teams have started training hard and goals have been set 😊 The running team has started its preparations under the guidance of our own John Montanaro, while the bowling team has had some preliminary sessions with a professional, Malta’s bowling champion Steve Cassar.

In the meantime, participation in other sports and physical activities are in the pipeline!