Smart Technologies were recently entrusted with the implementation of comprehensive network and Wifisolutions at the Alberta Group, one of Malta’s leading accredited fire and
security providers, with products and services targeting both residential and business needs.

Smart Technologies Chief Operations Officer Manuel Aquilina explained that STL was tasked
with overhauling the client’s network and Wifi infrasctructure to enable it to cope with
increased demand: “The implementation of Ruckus Networks Switches targeted the resolution
of bottleneck issues while enhancing reliability. On the other hand, we installed a high-
availability (HA) Fortinet Fortigate Firewalls are set-up to allow the client to cope with sustained
growth in data usage traffic, while utilising Fortinet’s Fortiguard Security Services to generally
enhance cybersecurity. Finally, we upgraded the company’s Wi-Fi infrastructure by
implementing Ruckus Unleashed solution, in order to boost the performance and reliability of
the client’s mobility needs.”

Commenting on the work done by STL, Alberta Group’s CFO, Randall Schembri, said that “business communications is critical to a growing group of companies such as Alberta Group, and the technological infrastructure supporting such communications has to be efficient and capable of handling our requirements. With the guidance of Smart Technologies’ experts, we have been investing in a network and Wifi infrastructure which not only addresses our business’ current issues, but which will also allow us to respond to future needs.”

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