Speed of service is deemed essential to customer satisfaction at the recently opened Rainforest Cafe outlet in St. Julian’s. Efficiency was therefore at the heart of the IT solution implemented by Smart Technologies Limited for the jungle-themed restaurant, part of a popular international chain with over 20 locations across the globe.

In line with the brief to provide Rainforest Cafe with a solution which would help them optimise their operations, Smart Technologies implemented a restaurant management system with Oracle’s Simphony POS for Restaurants at its hub, including the installation of Oracle MICROS’ state-of-the-art Kitchen Display Systems.

Rainforest Cafe’s manager, Pawel Soltys, highlighted his satisfaction with Smart Technologies’ implementation of Oracle Simphony at the restaurant. “The Kitchen Display Systems solution has in particular been fundamental in helping us manage the business. It allows us to understand where we are on ticket times and in our efficiencies, and greatly enhances communication across our operations. This allows us to keep those orders flowing seamlessly, driving waiting time to a minimum”.

Matthew Debattista, Project Manager Hospitality at Smart Technologies, explained that Oracle MICROS’ Kitchen Display Systems “is perfect for an operation obsessed with kitchen efficiency as is Rainforest Cafe. Apart from simplifying communication and processes, KDS increases productivity, and seamlessly manages orders from the dining room and mobile platforms, thus optimising order accuracy, speed of service and most importantly, customer satisfaction.