Smart Technologies is proud to announce the completion of yet another project for a high-end client. In response to the need expressed by a major bank based in Malta – to innovate and refresh their existing IT infrastructure and digital offer, we have provided a state-of-the-art solution, a top-of-the-range HPE Synergy platform.

This solution is more cost-effective to run and provides a more flexible environment on which the bank can build its private cloud, allowing it to respond more quickly and dynamically to business needs. This project was entrusted to one of our specialist teams at Smart Technologies Limited. As an HPE Gold Partner, Smart Technologies was in a position to provide the bank with a holistic support solution for installing and configuring the HPE Synergy platform, while providing insight training to consolidate the HPE OneView infrastructure management software with HPE Synergy.

HPE Synergy is the first composable, software-defined infrastructure that provides a fluid set of resources that can be dynamically combined to meet the unique needs of any application. With HPE Synergy, one can instantly compose and recompose fluid pools of physical and virtual compute, storage, and fabric resources into any configuration to run any application or workload. This platform consolidates resources with simplified management, which combined with built-in redundancy, avoids any single point of failure that helps prevent downtime.

Smart Technologies CEO Joe Aquilina explained that the solution offered addressed the bank’s need to be the distribution platform of choice for clients looking for high-quality savings products and investment solutions. “Whave sought to deliver best-in-class technology in order to guarantee maximum responsiveness and agility, as befits a rapidly growing digital bank. We are very satisfied with the response of our client to the HPE Synergy platform provided and installed by the team at Smart Technologies.”