Smart Technologies Limited (STL) has received plaudits from the management of the Grands Suites Hotel Residences & Spa following their implementation of a project designed to provide the property with state-of-the-art guest Wi-Fi and network infrastructure, as well as property management systems.

Upon the finalisation of their assignment at the Grands Suites, owner Mr Marvin Spiteri, praised STL’s specialists for their “professionalism, the non-disruptive way in which they implemented all the property’s IT requirements, and the ease with which they onboarded our staff with the management solutions to run Grands Suites efficiently and effectively.” He also mentioned that the property had already been receiving excellent feedback from guests about its Wi-fi and technology- based services.

As always, the solutions provided by Smart Technologies included the utilisation of best-in-class products, underlined by quality specialist design and support services. As part of this project, STL was responsible for providing the property’s network and Wi-Fi infrastructure, utilising Ruckus Networks top-of-the-line technology. The project also involved the installation of Philips MediaSuite TVs, managed by Philip’s exclusive CMND platform.

Thanks to this technology, the guests can cast their own mobile content simply by pairing their room’s TV with a QR Code, and then proceeding to watch their preferred content. As part of this assignment, STL also set up an IP PBX System using 3CX, Oracle’s OPERA management system, as well as its Materials Control and Simphony restaurant POS solutions. Smart Technologies CEO Joe Aquilina explained that “the solutions implemented at the Grands Suites go hand-in-hand with the hotel’s promise of the highest levels of service, and offer an important degree of reliability and scalability. We are very happy to have been in a position to provide our specialist service to this new property, thus opening the doors for our relationship with a new, yet important, client.”