Smart Technologies Ltd marked 10 years of operations since the company was founded in 2008, to meet the changing requirements of organisations that had to adapt to new technologies to remain competitive in the market.

Over the years, the company has become the leading provider of IT equipment leasing and outsourcing solutions in Malta, establishing a sterling reputation for reliability and flexibility by providing consistent, professional service through custom IT packages including only the most modern equipment.

Celebrating a decade of success

Looking back at these past 10 years, Smart Technologies distinguished itself by its ability to offer customer-centric solutions and products. This is the unifying theme of all the milestones achieved by the company during its first decade, including:

  • Taking a pioneering role in introducing the as-a-service approach in IT solutions and promoting its early adoption among Maltese businesses through HAAS, SAAS, IAAS and other innovative approaches.
  •  Taking a leading role in introducing IT services to key markets such as hospitality.
  •  Foreseeing investment opportunities into new technologies such as Forcive. 
  • Acquiring Holistic Group and managing its smooth integration with the company’s operations.

People at the heart of our achievement

To mark this important occasion, the company decided to celebrate the people who helped make these accomplishments possible through their hard work and dedication by taking the entire team to spend a day in Sicily for a special team building event.

The day-trip to our neighbouring island included a full schedule of activities beginning with a visit to Barbuto Natural Products and a tour of their agriturismo, which is situated near the lush Val di Noto valley adjoining the baroque towns of Modica and Ragusa in the south-east coast of Sicily.

The group then visited Parcallario Adventure Park, a popular theme park in Buccheri near Siracusa that offers visitors countless opportunities for physical exercise thanks to graded obstacle courses that cover the entire grounds, including zip lines and other adrenaline-pumping activities.

The trip concluded with a visit to Modica, where the team was taken on a tour of the Antica Dolceria Bonajuto and treated to a chocolate-making experience. This is is the oldest chocolate factory in Sicily, having been founded in 1880 and run by six generations of artisan confectioners that manufacture the speciality chocolate that is unique to this town.

The future is calling right now

Smart Technologies is committed to pursuing new goals and opportunities by maintaining its ability to adapt rapidly and continuously to changes in the technological, economic and organisational demands that businesses face as they happen. This has been a key factor in the success that Smart Technologies experienced throughout the years and the same approach will continue informing the team’s actions and decisions in the future.

“The next decade will hopefully see us enhance our presence in Malta and keep growing in the right direction,” said Joe Aquilina, CEO, adding that, “this includes seeing us expanding our efforts outside of the island too.”