Massimo Avellino

Robert Azzopardi is a Systems Architect with over 20 years of experience in enterprise solutions. Driven by his passion for technology and innovation, Robert strives to achieve excellence using the best breed of technologies. As a highly motivated IT professional, Robert prides himself on his ability to manage projects, provide consulting and requirements gathering.

With an impressive track record and extensive hands-on experience in developing and implementing IT infrastructure solutions, Robert has acquired vast knowledge and competences in Storage design, Virtualization, Stretched Clusters, Business Continuity and High Availability, to sustain implementations for complex business requirements.

The skills Robert has acquired throughout his career have seamlessly complimented his experience with HPe, cementing his position as an expert in finance, banking, shipping, logistics and manufacturing business sectors. As well as, providing him with the tools to successfully collaborate with customer to bring their projects to life.

What is a Systems Architect?

The Systems Architect’s role is vital to the success, design, delivery and support of any IT project. Not only do they create and implement computer systems and networks for organizations, they also analyse desired processes and recommend the right combination of IT components to achieve a specific goal.

Systems Architects are both business and technology experts. They are responsible for:

  • Understanding the desired business strategy and outcome
  • Mapping and simplifying various outcomes
  • Design the right IT architecture
  • Understanding integrations, interfaces and interactions
  • Advising project teams on recommended solutions

Robert, welcome to Smart Technologies Ltd. We are very excited to have you as a part of our team.