Robert Azzopardi, who until recently held the position of Systems Architect at Smart Technologies Limited (STL), has been appointed as the firm’s first-ever Chief Technology Officer. Robert’s new role will centre on the development, implementation, management, and the evaluation of STL’s technology resources across all business units, where he will be identifying the company’s requirements and make the necessary investments to ensure that STL reaches its goals. In this new role, Robert will also act as a reference to all the technical teams and give direction toward new revenue streams as opportunities arise. Moreover, he will be responsible for driving forward the growth of the SmartCloud product and all cloud related services.

Commenting on Robert Azzopardi’s appointment to this new role within STL, the company’s CEO, Joe Aquilina, said the that growth registered by Smart Technologies Limited over the past years, and the diversity of products and services the company was now offering, required a role which would oversee in a holistic manner the current and future technological capabilities of the company as well as provide direction going forward: “Robert was a natural choice for this post. During the last four years that he has been at STL, thanks to his knowledge, professional experience, and managerial qualities, he has strongly contributed to STL growing its business and become a leader in the local IT industry.”