We are pleased to announce a new Partnership Agreement with BML Istisharat SAL a company which was established in 1972 as a business solutions and information technology services provider and since that date is developing, marketing and supporting software applications geared towards the banking, insurance, manufacturing and distribution sectors.

BML Istisharat state-of-the-art solutions are operational in the, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the US and South East Asia.

More than 250 companies are achieving their business goals using BML Istisharat proven solutions.

BML Istisharat SAL is a recognized global financial software vendor, providing solutions to the financial community over the course of more than four decades.

BML Istisharat was founded in Beirut, Lebanon in 1972 and since accumulating achievements, international recognitions and success stories (where many other failed) towards its customers’ satisfactions in more than 35 countries in the North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Russia and South East Asia.

BML Istisharat references include “Fortune 500” companies.

BML Istisharat largest shareholder is a regional investment group with AED 1 billion of capital and 350+ shareholders insuring high sustainability and viability to the company.