Outsourcing your IT through IT Managed Services 

Are you still relying on your in-house IT team to handle your systems? It might be time for a change.

Outsourcing your IT services may not be the first thing which comes to mind, but it is often simply not feasible for a company to manage all of its own IT functions. This is where IT managed services come in – companies can now trust a partner like Smart Technologies Ltd. (STL) with their IT requirements.

IT managed services can be used to reduce in-house IT workload, fill gaps left by existing IT roles and skills, and even wholly replace in-house IT teams. Managed service providers (MSPs) deliver these IT services: with all-around support for cloud, on-premises, and hybrid infrastructures, including consulting and migration services to create the perfect IT solution for your organisation. A cost-effective solution with round-the-clock support, there is much to gain from outsourcing your IT tasks as contracted or subscription services to the right MSP. By doing so, you can focus all your energy on the normal functioning and growth of your business. 

The different types of IT Managed Services 

STL offers a number of managed services for its clients, such as managed desktop support, disaster recovery and business continuity, and managed cloud services. 

Managed desktop support 

Our managed desktop support service makes sure that we deal with the support, repair, and management of your company computers. 

Network downtime can be costly for businesses – but we take a proactive approach to maintenance. We use remote monitoring and management to identify, diagnose and troubleshoot potential problems before they ever become an issue. For example, we can manage updates, antivirus systems, and other related desktop applications, while making sure everything is running as smoothly as possible.

We can also assist with any issues you might be having with your computer, either through phone or on-site support, so you don’t have to. We are flexible and effective, providing support whenever you need it, and in whichever way suits you best. Due to our extensive experience in this field, we can offer quality solutions quickly, as we know all the shortcuts and details of even the newest technologies. 

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity 

Sometimes, no matter how careful we are, disaster strikes, and at these moments, you really need IT experts on your side to help you handle the mess. This is why you need disaster recovery and business continuity services

Accidents like lost data can really set back your company, but here at STL, we can professionally replicate your data and ensure you have an offsite backup. Whatever disaster you’re facing, we’re ready to critically evaluate the situation and provide you with options on how to handle it. In this way, your business can pick up again, and you can continue where you left off. By designing a customised solution, we make sure that your specific needs and habits as a company are taken into account.

Managed cloud services 

Cloud computing allows a business to access various computing services on demand, including software, storage, and databases. However, configuring your own cloud takes a lot of resources, expertise, and time – which is where managed cloud services come in. A managed cloud means that your company can benefit from all the advantages of cloud computing even if you know very little about cloud design and infrastructure. 

Here at STL, management responsibilities include infrastructure management, software, deployment and testing, data management, as well as consistent support and monitoring. These services are designed to enable you to maximise the benefits of cloud services while minimising internal time and costs. Thereby, you will have more time to focus on your main business activities, meet your deadlines, and your overall business goals.

Cloud email 

Here at STL we also offer a cloud email service, with everything you’d expect to keep your business running while looking professional. This includes a name@yourcompany.com format that includes your brand, ample storage space for every user at an affordable rate, 24/7 support, and maintenance to ensure up-to-date defense and safety features. 

We also offer migration tools to import old emails from other locations, device management systems that let you locate and regulate devices easily, and custom options for your email screen and schedule. 

Smart backup 

Smart backup means that we, the experts at STL, handle all your backup needs for you. We provide our custom backup infrastructure as well as your own cloud that gives you further control, even though we provide backup monitoring and management services.

We can back up your files, applications, and whatever you may need without worrying about storage space, and our Smart Backup cloud also stores big files quickly, letting you get on with your work without any worries. Furthermore, your data remains safe even if your network is not immediately connected to it for whatever reason.

We also offer deep de-deduplication, altered data tracking, and WA-optimised backup services, which let you keep working as we’re getting everything up to scratch on our end.

IT Leasing and Renting 

You might need some IT equipment that is just not necessary enough to purchase – whether you need it for a longer-term period or a shorter-term period. This is why we offer IT leasing and renting services. 

For IT leasing, we have both a generous inventory and considerate customer service. We offer capital and business automation solutions to reduce your costs and increase the efficiency of your equipment acquisition and lifecycle management processes.

For IT renting, we focus on the rental of PCs, laptops, and netbooks. During the term of rent, the equipment will be insured against accidental damage, and also covered for any hardware maintenance (repair or replace) so as to ensure that you have minimum downtime. Whatever your requirement, we have a renting solution to suit your needs.

Opt for our Managed IT services to maximise value and ensure that your company is successful and efficient in its operations. For more information about our services, feel free to contact us for a FREE consultation.