In this brief interview, Massimo Avellino, Chief Officer Consultancy Services at Smart Technologies Limited (STL), explains to us how the team at STL goes about putting together, customizing and delivering Oracle technology solutions.

What kind of Oracle technology solutions does STL offer to its clients? Which kind of solutions are the most sought after, and why do you think this is so?

The solutions we offer to our Oracle technology customers vary from installing simple Oracle Database environments to configuring, implementing and administering complex, highly available data center installations and data replication setups. We service several customers coming from various sectors, such as telecoms, banking, financial services and insurance companies, all having business critical systems with complex setups. STL offers services such as continuous management support, preventive health checks, as well as performance-tuning and disaster recovery support to ensure the smooth 24×7 operation of each of these business-critical environments.

In terms of expertise, as a team we bring more than 28 years’ experience in implementing robust database architectures to the table, always giving priority to providing a top-notch service. All this has gained us our customers’ trust and confidence, and as a result we are regularly entrusted with new projects, as well as assignments related to the migrations of existing environments.

What is your role in all this?

I joined STL nearly three and a half years ago, specifically to consolidate and lead the Oracle Services Team, which apart from Oracle Technology Advisory Services, also comprises the Oracle Hospitality Solutions and Oracle NetSuite Implementation Services teams. Today, I am proud to lead this great group of IT specialists, with whom I share the main objective of always providing a quality service to our customers.

Could you go into more detail as regards the Oracle advisory aspect of STL’s service? How important is this dimension to the client?

First of all it is always important to underline the fact that we take the time to listen and understand each client’s business problem. We are involved from the initial stages of every project to help the customer design the best solution that meets their requirements and just as importantly, fits their budget. Over the years, we have developed extensive expertise in implementing business critical systems utilizing various Oracle Product solutions and product configurations, and as a result our customers trust us with projects which require secure, robust and highly available Oracle database environments. The advisory side of our service is very important as it offers customers the peace of mind of knowing that a team of experts and certified professionals is designing a system which utilises best practices and best-of-breed Oracle technology products. This formula continues to ensure the successful implementation of business critical systems for all our customers.