Opera Cloud

Transform your hotel PMS with OPERA Cloud

Hospitality executives everywhere are already familiar with Oracle’s OPERA, acknowledged as the world’s top PMS solution for the hospitality industry. So what’s the deal with the new OPERA Cloud Property solution being offered by Oracle?

In a nutshell, OPERA Cloud Property Management offers an enhanced, mobile-enabled PMS system which simplifies IT and centralises data, making information accessible to everyone, anytime, anywhere. With open architecture, built-in integration services and open API to accelerate innovation, OPERA Cloud meets the needs of all hotels, redefining the guest experience.

Why go for OPERA Cloud?

It’s a web-based platform Purpose-built for hotel operations, OPERA Cloud is a cloud-based PMS solution with key capabilities to meet the needs of hotels of various sizes and complexities.

It’s mobile Untether the front desk and serve your guests anywhere on the property. Reduce check-in and check-out times and improve efficiencies by empowering your workforce with real-time updates.

It offers integrated operations OPERA Cloud integrates with Oracle’s industry-leading point-of-sale and kitchen management solutions to ensure more efficient food and beverage operations, maximizing guest satisfaction and profitability.

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