Backing up your data is a smart idea, but that doesn’t mean that every backup solution is smart. It’s so easy to opt for solutions that are slow, inefficient, and ultimately inadequate to meet the standards of today.

Yet, the fact that we have standards of today is shining proof that the right solutions are available, and STL is happily providing them. Specifically, we’re providing Smart Backup, which is a service that lets you leave the backing up duties to us.

It’s not just a case of you handing over the dirty work to a third party, though. We provide our custom backup infrastructure that is chock full of features you don’t get just anywhere. You get your own cloud that gives you further control, even though we provide backup monitoring and management services.

We also offer deep de-deduplication, altered data tracking, and WA-optimised backup services, which let you keep working as we’re getting everything up to scratch on our end.

What’s more is that Smart Backup provides you with ample flexibility as to what you want to back up. Do you want to backup your files? Your applications? You can do so at ease, and without worrying about using up too much back up storage space. Our Smart Backup cloud also stores big files quickly, letting you get on with your work rest assured that everything has been stored safely. Furthermore, your data remains safe even if your network is not immediately connected to it for whatever reason.

Ultimately, our Smart Backup storage is designed for your convenience and comfort. You can trust us to manage your backed up data, but you will always have access to it and assurance that it is secure.


  • Reduce risk with our Smart Solutions

  • Increase efficiency and business focus is our main focus

  • Rapid deployment and high performance

  • Reduce costs immediately

  • Increase usage and productivity

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