Many of us cannot imagine work without a fully-functioning desktop nowadays, as a few subpar or faulty computers could be enough to force a company into a standstill.

You might not realise it, but this is why effective desktop support services are of paramount importance, now more than ever before. Downtime is expensive, and many companies cannot afford any at all and yet, they are not sufficiently protected. We can understand why the consistent maintenance of computers is not a simple task and can make a company lose out on a lot of time and money.

This is where we come in, once again.

Smart Technology Ltd. provides a key service, Desktop Support Service. We will assist with any issues you might be having with your computer, either through phone or on-site support, so you don’t have to. We are flexible and effective, providing support whenever you need it, and in whichever way suits you best.

Due to our extensive experience in this field, we can offer quality solutions quickly, as we know all the shortcuts and details of even the newest technology. Not only do we offer support and repairs of any kind of computer, but our remote monitoring and management systems will keep your computers in check remotely. This way, we can manage updates, antivirus systems, and other related desktop applications, while making sure everything is running as smoothly as possible.


  • Helpdesk Outsourcing for end user support

  • Network Monitoring

  • Patch management

  • Antivirus management

  • Server Monitoring up to OS level

  • Database Monitoring

  • Security Monitoring

  • Desktop Support

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