Cloud management is a complex but increasingly necessary part of a business. In most cases, it is simply not feasible for a company to manage all of its own IT functions if any. This is the role of what we call managed cloud – allowing companies to trust a partner with its IT requirements.

If you are capable of taking on the task of managing your own infrastructure, you could opt for an unmanaged cloud. However, this would require hiring specialized engineers among other hidden costs and time-consuming steps. Most companies find it much easier and cost-efficient to entrust Smart Technology with this job, and hence enabling them to focus on the normal functioning and growth of their business.

Smart Technology provides you with ready-to-use cloud services such as infrastructure management, software, deployment and testing, data management, as well as consistent support and monitoring. With a managed cloud, you will save time and money, thereby being able to focus on your main business activities, meet your deadlines and overall business goals.

We guarantee to provide you with our extensive expertise, security, reliability and scalability; ensuring stability, efficient recovery, dependability when you need it most, and ultimately supporting your growth as a company.

Opting for a cloud specialist for your needs, will change the face of our company for good, leaving you with more time and capital to focus on what really matters to you.


  • Service Management

  • Software as a Service

  • Backup as a Service

  • Storage as a Service

  • Infrastructure as a Service

  • Disaster Recovery as a Service

  • Archive as a Service

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