Sometimes, no matter how careful we are, disasters happen. Loss of important data can be a major setback for a company, so it is always best to opt for professional data replication and offsite backup. Smart Technologies will take care of all your needs from the get-go, securing your data and making sure it is backed up properly in case of a mishap.

Barring that, we can offer intensive data recovery in times of crisis by evaluating your situation and providing you with your options. Whatever the case, your business must continue, so we are here to find ways to solve any disaster you might be facing.

In fact, the key here is something that is often overlooked when thinking about data recovery: a customized approach. Like many IT services for companies, your recovery system has to be made to measure to your specific needs and habits as a company. When looking at your particular case, we are realistic and critical, in order to design the best possible solution for you.

While typical disaster recovery measures that are used across the board tend to fail for a variety of reasons, our tailor-made approach avoids many of these disappointments by giving you the best critical data backup and fastest possible recovery times.


  • Private Cloud Disaster Recovery

  • Cloud Based Disaster recovery as a service

  • Replication and Disaster recovery Orchestration

  • High Availability Solutions to keep you going

  • Data Protection

  • Work Area recovery Option

  • Business Continuity Planning

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