At Smart Technologies, we understand that every business has different needs and requirements. Furthermore, we know that all companies, be they multi-branch internationals, or smaller, local enterprises all have very different budgets when it comes to furnishing employees with the equipment they need to work.

We don’t believe that businesses should have to sacrifice quality because of price constraints, so for that reason, we have a couple of options available: IT Leasing and IT Renting.


Leasing IT equipment is one of the most cost-effective ways for a business to secure the equipment they need to function. STL has a varied and diverse inventory and competent customer service agents that are on hand to provide ongoing guidance.

When a business opts for leasing, they don’t have to worry about deposits and down payments, nor do they have to consider depreciation of value as time passes; instead, they select the equipment they need and pay for it as they go. Leasing ensures that budgets can be planned far in advance, businesses are able to keep track of all their finances as well as scaling up, and down with ease and efficiency.

Smart Technologies can connect their clients with all of the leading suppliers, as well as providing capital and business automation solutions to help keep costs low and the lifecycle management process running smoothly.


In tandem with the growth of data, methods of keeping critical data safe have evolved.

Outsourcing your company’s technology needs by choosing a Managed IT Services solution can provide benefits that go beyond simply having tech support on call. Choosing the right Managed IT Services provider: one that understands your industry, your business and its goals, can drive you toward your business’ goals in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

It’s important to remember that an MSP is vastly different compared to the traditional, in-house IT staff that most of us are accustomed to. That’s why it’s so important that everything like scheduling of maintenance, end-user interaction, data storage procedures and data sharing processes be investigated and thoroughly thought-out and documented.

Having access to an outsourced IT department is often the first benefit that comes to mind when businesses evaluate Managed IT Services, but when you choose an outsourced solution, you get more than just day-to-day IT support.

Organizations that choose Managed IT Services get support and strategic guidance from IT professionals who can help identify future needs. It means your business will have proactive support rather than taking a reactive approach to technology risks.

If you are looking to expand or upgrade the technology you use, but purchasing large amounts of the top of the range hardware is a bit out of reach, then IT Leasing is the perfect option for you. For those needing a short-term fix for a hardware related task, the renting equipment is going to be the most cost-effective and effective.

Whichever you decide is best for your business needs, STL is on hand to deliver the perfect tailor-made result.

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