Leasing may be the most attractive, cost-effective and secure way for clients to secure the equipment that they need, and Smart Technologies is on hand with both a generous inventory and considerate customer service to ensure they get the material they need in a way that makes sense for their pocket… and their needs.

Opting for leasing means no tortured forward-planning or budgeting headaches. There is no need to worry about deposits and down payments, which frees you up to just select the equipment you need and pay as you go. Neither will you have to worry about restrictive interest rates and other nasty surprises; leasing ensures your costs are accurately outlined from the get-go, leaving you with no confusion about the amounts that need to be paid up, and when.

Smart Technologies offers a one-stop shop service that connects clients directly to the suppliers most relevant to them, meaning you can rest easy in the knowledge that your material is of top quality, and that it’s coming from industry leaders in the field.

Our experience, coupled with sound resources position us to provides a wide variety of IT leasing solutions to clients that range from small and mid-sized companies to large enterprises. We provide both capital and business automation solutions to reduce your costs and increase the efficiency of your equipment acquisition and lifecycle management processes.

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