Turn Wi-Fi into Powerful Insights

WiSDoM Guest Connect offers a Wi-Fi platform through which businesses can grab customer info, survey shopping patterns, and communicate with these clients through targeted messaging. The proposed cloud based solution mainly includes a captive portal which can authenticate, authorise and take account of all users. Since this system will gather guest’s information, it can also transform the venue’s free Wi-Fi service in a powerful marketing tool.

  • r Main Features
  • r BI Dashboard reporting
  • r View venues by customer or group
  • r Schedule report at venue level in PDF and CSV format
  • r URL Filtering (Extra cost may apply)
  • r Marketing Tool
  • r Generate Email and SMS database for mail shoots
  • r Ability to export full data as XLS, CSV or PDF file format
  • r Ability to create and publish surveys on splash page
  • r Reporting Tool
  • r Reports overview
  • r Visitor reports - sort by age, gender and location
  • r Survey reporting tool
  • r Guest Authentication
  • r Generate Likes, Follows and Connects through Social Media
  • r SMS Authentication (Extra cost may apply)
  • r Email Validation Authentication
  • r Voucher Codes Authentication (Against an online payment too)
  • r Customised splash page
  • r Custom SSID
  • r Ability to create custom HTML splash pages
  • r Road Map Enhancements
  • r Create custom dashboard reports
  • r Network Usage reports
  • r Integrate with Twitter, Gmail and Instagram

WiSDoM BI Dashboard Overview

The WiSDoM business intelligence dashboard is an information management tool that can be used to track and monitor several data points relevant to a business or specific process. Through the use of data visualizations, the WiSDoM dashboard is designed to simplify complex data sets and provide users with at a glance awareness of current performance and marketing insights.

Marketing Insights and Data Collections

The WiSDoM Guest Connect main scope is to collect several marketing information as illustrated in the following figure:

Grab all mobile numbers via SMS Validation

Capture all email addresses via email form

Capture profile details via Facebook

Data Categorisation

Instant Surveys


Standard reports are included and can be either exported to DSC or PDF, any other customised report can be quoted accordingly.

Simplified Guest Connectivity Options

Guests will connect to the WIFI SSID. After entering valid contact details. Guest will be automatically redirected to a pre-defined website.
Integration with Facebook. Will also add other social media groups in the near future.
Guest will connect after registering by entering valid contact details and upon receipt of an authentication number received via SMS. Extra charges may apply
Vouchers to be sent prior arrival or printed upon arrival.
Able to push a survey to capture any other data upon registration.
Fixed accounts access can be created upon a submission of a guest list with details.
WIFI access can be provided against payment (optional)



Up to 50

€120 Monthly


Up to 150

€200 Monthly


Up to 300

€400 Monthly

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