Server, Storage, and Virtualization – a trifecta of services that complete each other. When you have all three services running in unison, complementing the operation of each other, you get an infrastructure that is hard to beat at all levels of operation. Smart Technologies Ltd. offers all three of these services. Let’s get into them individually in more depth.


What is the function of a server? Essentially, it is to provide any kind of service across a network. You will find that servers are a non-negotiable part of any modern business relying on technology, from small to large-scale enterprises.

STL is HP and Microsoft certified to provide server solutions that are tailor-made to meet your needs exactly; solutions that will remain relevant as your business expands. Furthermore, we can even provide server management, so all the excess backend stuff is left to us as you carry on with your day-to-day operation.


Speaking of business expansion, there’s nothing quite as hassling as figuring out what to do with accumulating data. Where do you put it all? It’s simple – you need a secure storage solution, and we’ve got plenty of those. Whether you’re looking for a hardware or virtualized space to store your data, we can help you. STL will handle the design and implementation of your new storage solution so that all you need to worry about is organising and managing your data. We can even offer redundancy of your current storage infrastructure without the risk of losing your current data.


We’re living in a virtual world, and we’re fully equipped to take you there too. Virtualizing your IT infrastructure leads to a work environment that is efficient – really efficient. We’ve teamed up with our partners, VMware®, Hyper-V and Veeam, to bring you virtualisation possibilities that guarantee flexibility, ease-of-use as well as a tip-top security.

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