You already know that communication cannot be compromised for maximum efficiency, which means that you should do your company or entity a favour and make sure that you install IP telephony and PABX systems that enables allow for seamless, multimodal transactions.

Forward thinking is the centre of STL’s approach to IP telephony and PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) systems. Our main aim here is to help both local and international entities of all sizes to transition from traditional systems, as we prefer to focus on advantageous Voice Over IP (VOIP), as this system allows for the smoother transmission of voice, data, and video. Long gone are the days of live operators – but why not look even further ahead?

STL’s IP telephony and PABX systems are the product of partnerships with multiple entities, including 3CX, Cisco, and Yealink. These partnerships have allowed STL to offer easy to maintain and diverse solutions that allow for high quality voice, video, and data communication.

Does innovation have to break the bank? No! If anything, our VOIP systems can reduce overall operational costs, thanks to smoother data convergence across both local and long distance transactions. Yet, cost-effectiveness is just one of the main advantages that STL offers here.

Through our VOIP systems, you can also expect employees to have better access to internal and external networks, which will enhance communication at all levels. This is also aided by the inclusion of new features that you may not have had under more traditional communication models, such as instant messaging, presence information, and mobility features.

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