You might have the most elaborate and up-to-standard IT equipment at your site, but a functioning cabling system is what will really tie them together. A cabling system makes up the bloodstream of your infrastructure – it gives it life.

It’s not just a case of copper and fibre, of course. Just like with any facet of the IT industry, different entities will require differently structured cabling systems. The solution needed is dependent on a number of key factors such as the architectural structure of the building/s that will house the system; the type of equipment that will be supported; the function of the cabling system itself; and lots more.

That’s where we come in.

STL can design and install structured cabling systems to meet the networks of any client. We adapt our services to your needs, but the level of quality is always consistent.

We manage this by considering all the right factors, including which devices will be connected, your scale of operation, and your budget. While we can cater to all sorts of clients, we work extensively on new construction, corporate relocations, and conferences/events.

Through STL, you can expect a system that is ultra-reliable and that can withstand high bandwidth networks. There is no challenge too big or small for us. Whether your network consists of a few computers in an office or a series of campus buildings that need to rely on the same cabling system, we can provide a solution that falls within the calibre you can expect from our comprehensive range of integrated Data Cabling solutions.

Furthermore, STL always provides proper certification and CAD documentation services.

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