Customers today face unprecedented challenges in managing their data. Businesses of all sizes seek to leverage data to achieve better outcomes, while reining in data management costs and complexity. Meanwhile, the global volume of data generated is expected to double by 2026. Organizations are now confronted with a chaotic array of workload types and data protocols, each requiring different support and management systems, and struggle to backup, protect, and recover the data they depend on to run their business. The rapid increase in the volume and complexity of data has forced organizations to manage it all with a costly combination of siloed storage solutions.

All of this is now set to change thanks to the recent introduction to HPE’s Alletra storage series branded as Alletra Storage MP. To help organizations overcome this data lifecycle nightmare, HPE is introducing a new, modular storage solution configurable for block or file stores.

This new addition offers new file, block, disaster and backup recovery data services designed to help customers eliminate data silos, reduce complexity and costs, while improving performance. The fresh file and block offerings leverage HPE Alletra Storage MP and enable storage, management and protection of all data types from one unified platform across the hybrid cloud. Significantly, the new solution supports a disaggregated infrastructure with multiple storage protocols on the same hardware that can scale independently for performance and capacity.

At Smart Technologies Limited, we always strive to deliver the benefits of technologies developed by the world’s leading brands to our clients, within the shortest timeframes possible. In fact, just a couple of weeks following HPE’s announcement introducing the new product on the global market, we recently hosted an event at the Hotel Phoenicia, in collaboration with HPE, where Nemanja Milutinovic, HPE Storage Pre-Sales expert, presented the new solution in detail for the first time since its launch.

In the meantime, our experts at Smart Technologies Limited have been receiving intensive training to allow them to transfer the benefits of HPE’s Allettra Storage MP seamlessly and efficiently to our clients. The adoption of this technology will make it easier and more economical for these to manage multiple types of data, storage protocols, and workloads, facilitating increased focus on accelerating innovation and driving business results.

Robert Azzopardi is the Chief Technology Officer at Smart Technolgies Limited