For an in-depth analysis of your business operations real-time, WiSDoM BI F&B has you covered. Make sure your business is running smoothly with an app that gives you live information about everything that’s going on with your business.

Through comprehensive analysis tools, you will have access to data on the Revenue Generated as total and split by categories, Average Time a guest is at a table, discounts given, Amount of Guests in your establishment at any point in time, as well as information relating to tips and voids – automatically, at your fingertips, at all times.

Crafted specifically for food and beverage operators, the platform is fully customizable – and the analysis can be carried out daily, weekly or monthly depending on your preferences. It will also compare these totals with the Targets and Sales generated same time Last Year, giving you a complete view of your progress in context.

You will benefit from a collaboration feature to be utilized by you and your authorized staff. This feature is particularly useful for Reports, which, while being analyzed, can be shared by the manager with colleagues through email.

Through the app, you will also be able to set Alerts with specific values. These have the power to trigger actions once their values are reached: for instance, when more than €150 in voids is detected, the manager receives an alert.

The platform also establishes a backend BI system, useful for reporting and dashboards to make the most out of your data collection efforts. Aside from this, it can also give you the ability to generate fly-reports, which will give rise to informed decisions when you need them most.


  • Live figures on sales, operations, categories, and guest counts

  • Information on discounts and void

  • Alerts on important data

  • Communicate and action results

  • See who’s performing

  • Track performance by time

  • Manage your chains and areas

  • Compare with past data

  • Empower your management team

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