Smart Technologies Ltd. offer the industry-leading Otrum Enterprise solution – Smart TV implementations that can be used to perk up your hotel’s technology. It will save you both space and money, as it makes use of coax, Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

As with all our IT solutions, Otrum IPTV is highly flexible, and hybrid solutions can be built to suit your specific needs. They are versatile, working across multiple platforms to bring you the best user experience on all devices. Fully-customizable, Otrum IPTV is a scalable and solid solution that will serve your guests effectively.

Otrum Enterprise software is built on HTML5 foundation, which makes it adaptable and suitable for TVs, tablets and smartphones. It comes with a variety of tools, including non-Latin languages such as Arabic and Russian, and can be used to mirror any smart device. To do this, it does not sacrifice security – rather, it makes use of secure authorisation and makes extra sure that only the intended content is shown. Essentially, your guests will be able to stream from their device straight to the TV, with simple instructions guiding them every step of the way.

Housekeeping is also made endlessly simpler with Otrum IPTV – with tools for reporting room status, PMS integration and maintenance reporting. Anything can be logged, including broken lightbulbs and mini bar consumption, functioning through either or both TV and other smart devices. Turn your hotel smart, fast.

The software also allows you to create guest analytics to understand your guests’ needs and cut costs. Full remote control, simple ordering, message centre and accessible hotel info are only a few reasons why Otrum Enterprise is an excellent investment for hotels.

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