Forensic nodes form part of the rapidly developing digital transformation sector. Their role is to store information on runtime behaviour from a real time transaction or application. Since the purpose of forensic nodes is to hold such information to keep an audit trail of live systems, they also need to adhere to specific regulations.

According to Malta Digital innovation Authority (MDIA) guidelines, the forensic node should provide enough information to assess operating effectiveness of the controls, and respond to requests for information for legal compliance and operational behaviour purposes. It should also provide sufficient information to enable the Technical Administrator to intervene in case of suspicious behaviour that leads to material loss or material breach of the law, as specified in Article 8 of the Innovative technology Arrangements Services (ITAS) Act.

SmartCloud provides the ideal environment to host forensic nodes (both physical and virtual machines) which are based in Malta in a Tier 3 or higher datacentre, with 100% access to the Technical Administrators of the ITA. The infrastructure at SmartCloud caters for high resiliency and availability to ensure the uptime as per MDIA requirements. On top of that, we provide a team of highly technical experts to ensure the successful configuration of replica databases and security measures. Access to Systems Auditors or Technical Administrators can be granted any time for audit and inspection purposes.

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