What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is a type of marketing platform that allows the digital playback of content to one, or a number of screens. These digital signage screens can be displayed in a number of places such as offices, shops, board rooms, hotels, restaurants, and various other locations.

The screen can be LCD, LED, plasma or projected and the content could include news, notices and announcements, adverts, special offers, calendars, and anything else that could be used to advertise, promote, or provide information to an audience.

How can marketers utilise digital signage to its maximum?

By using digital signage in strategic physical locations, marketers can overcome the danger of oversharing information with customers and prospective clients. It is a form of persuasive marketing and it involves explaining your product or services, as well as providing additional information that will resonate with the target audience. Furthermore, in the case of retail stores, hotels, and similar locations, the client is already in your premises so it is easier to sell them.

For example, a tech company could use digital signage to expand further on a particular product, service, or advert that has been placed everywhere. The signage could focus on the technical specifications of the product, an expansion of sorts on a simple magazine or web banner advertising solely the product.

Digital signage can also be used to display hashtags, special offer codes, instructional videos, bulletins, and time sensitive information, depending on the nature of the business or entity they are employed by. In other words, digital signage is a powerful tool that can be used to  deliver information both within and outside a company.

An introduction to Otrum

Otrum; a well-respected industry name, they offer powerful communication platforms that can be distributed throughout a businesses premises. Installed in over 600 locations throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, the chances are you have seen their solutions before.

Otrum offer a range of products including hosted signage, totems and screens, all of which can be controlled via a hand mobile phone application. Their products are designed to fulfil a range of purposes in a superior manner and successful use cases include way finding, sharing messages, enhancing branding, generating revenue via in-house sales, and answering FAQs.

Screens are controlled via app or browser and include full management of live mobile uploads and updates, iOS and Android support, 4g or Wi-Fi connections, an easy to use layout, and a technical services tools section for the in-house IT department. Even for those that do not consider themselves tech-savvy, the interface is easy to use, adapt and customise to individual business needs. But the best bit is that you can even synchronise with social media platforms to enjoy seamless integration with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Otrum’s solution fully integrates with Microsoft Exchange and O365 calendar. Otrum can be used to manage the company’s meeting rooms. Moreover, if a screen is installed right next to the meeting room, Otrum will automatically list the meeting details on the screen and mark the room as occupied.

Implementing Otrum into a marketing strategy is something of a no-brainer that even the most un-technical person can manage with relative ease. At Smart Technologies, we believe in using only the best quality solutions and we ensure that we test drive all of the products we recommend, before we unleash them on our clients. We are on hand to help with the full implementation of Otrum, as well as providing ongoing support, training, and assistance.

To find out more about how digital signage is a must in this day and age, or how to implement Otrum into your business, contact us today.