Why choose Business Intelligence (BI) Systems?

You no longer have to worry about collecting data – even huge amounts of it. This comes as great news for business owners who know what it’s like to deal with IT-generated data such as spreadsheets, presentations and reports, among others.

Business Intelligence (BI) Systems will allow you to collect and organise all your data – no matter how diverse, or where it’s coming from. You can have data from multiple sources, translated into an understandable format, to help you move forward with your business effectively.

How can BI Software help your business?

Dealing with data can be messy – and in a business, unorganized data can have crucial consequences. While the proper decision-making process necessitates a clear understanding of information, a lack of presentable data poses a huge problem for decision makers, resulting in compromised decisions.

With BI Software, you can rest assured that all your data is collected and presented in a way that makes sense for your business. It puts aside unimportant data to give you the information you need to do your work, preventing information overload and keeping you focused on your target. Prevent bias and misinformation from getting in the way of your goals – BI Software presents you with objective, essential data – tailormade around your specific objectives.

Moreover, data is tendered in formats that encourage logical and quick thinking, strengthening your most important decisions. Formats are fully customizable, and dashboard functionality offers you the possibility of analysing, re-formatting and manipulating data as needed. Data can be compiled into reports automatically by the software, saving you time while making sure you get an excellent report.

The software can pick up on any incongruencies with your data, alerting you of any issues that might be present. Similarly, it will single out possible opportunities related to your specific data.

The WiSDoM BI & Reporting

The WiSDoM BI & Reporting module is the truly flexible platform, bringing together various BI solutions and custom reports for your business.

It is a complete BI solution that includes analysis, reports, live dashboards and data warehousing – giving you the ability to add client-specific dashboard and reports, without having to change any of the core module functionality. This is particularly useful for day-to-day operations when some tweaks are necessary but the default set-up of your module needs to stay the same. This quick and easy method unifies and tempers data gained from various data sources, offering real-time data analysis using Data Visualization and deep analysis using quick filtering.

To save you time, the platform also provides automatic drill-down or ad-hoc analysis, as well as trends analysis such as forecasts through mathematical statistics. For added efficiency, it also includes indicator-centred data management like creating new KPIs – and supports mobile devices.


  • Know your outlet’s performance directly from your mobile

  • Use the BI backend to analyse Sales, Items, Discounts, Client and Employee Performance

  • Compare KPI vs Budgets vs Past Years

  • Build reports on the fly

  • Set-up Alerts so you are instantly notified

  • Export Reports or Charts as images or to Excel for further analysis

  • Importation from various other sources also possible

  • System is cloud based so no need of any installations


Omnis Business Intelligence showing a BI dashboard
Omnis Business Intelligence showing a line graph

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