The IT industry is rapidly embracing cloud services to provide a secure and resilient environment to host critical applications and services. SmartCloud is a local hosted-cloud platform company boasting years of experience, with a robust reputation for efficiency and reliability. Its numerous successful deployments are largely due to the expertise of its people, as well its technology infrastructure, both in terms of its state-of the-art software applications, as well as its top-end HPE-based hardware component.

SmartCloud’s platform is based on HPE Synergy, which can easily scale up in order to provision hardware resources on demand to all clients running on SmartCloud. Our choice of hardware for SmartCloud’s hosted-cloud platform was easy – HPE Synergy is a composable, software-defined infrastructure for hybrid cloud environments, enabling you to compose fluid pools of physical and virtual compute, storage and fabric resources, into any configuration for any workload under a unified API, all available as a service through SmartCloud.

Another crucial component of SmartCloud is its datacentre facility. Built to Tier III specifications, the Melita Primary Data Centre in Madliena is the only purpose-built facility in Malta. SmartCloud also offers managed services on specific applications, whereby any cloud service can be managed by the company’s in-house experts on behalf of the client.

Thanks to SmartCloud, you can easily build your own private cloud with dedicated resources, and benefit from all the perks of the cloud platform (location, security, bandwidth, HPE hardware, and managed services) and enjoy a more efficient, powerful, and scalable environment.