In this brief interview, Smart Technologies Limited CEO Joe Aquilina takes us through what the firm stands for, its range of services, and what differentiates it from its competitors.

Can you give us a brief description of Smart Technologies’ mission and vision?

Our mission is that of helping our clients optimize the efficiency of their operations and the quality of their offers. We do that by tailoring IT solutions that bring together best-in-class products of brands we represent – brands of the caliber of HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Ruckus, and Fortinet, to mention a few – and most importantly, the extensive expertise of our diverse team of in-house specialists.

Can you run us through the range of services Smart Technologies offers nowadays?

The range of services we offer at STL are constantly evolving, in response to our clients’ requirements, technical innovations, as well as new products developed by our partners and by our software arm.

Over the years, we have established ourselves as a leading provider of IT infrastructure and enterprise services, in areas such as networking and WIFI services, the provision of the latest mobility solutions and a holistic approach towards IT Security. Smart Technologies is also at the forefront in the delivery of the trio of complementary server, storage and visualization services.

Much of our business also comes from providing and implementing branded solution suites, such as those provided by Oracle, mainly its hospitality solutions and NetSuite ERP. All of these services are underlined by a commitment to longer-term support through Smart Technologies’ managed services, designed to maximize the performance and reliability of clients’ IT set up.

There are many IT companies out there today. What differentiates Smart Technologies from the rest of the pack?

Although Smart Technologies has grown considerably since we first started out 13 years ago, we have made it a point to retain our original ethos, that of treating every client and their business problem as being unique. All our in-house experts continue to approach each assignment by keeping an open mind, taking the time to listen, acknowledging the need to craft bespoke solutions to specific pain points raised by the client, and by advising accordingly.

The list of experts employed by STL reads like a local who’s who in the IT and digital scene. How have you managed to put such a team together?

Our in-house experts are the bedrock of the company. Although we are in a position to deploy world-class technologies and solutions, it is the specialist knowledge and extensive expertise of each individual member of our team which will allow them to analyze, evaluate and effectively address clients’ business problems.

Our team also stands out because the accumulated years of experience they bring to the table give them a strong business orientation. This is highly valued by clients, particularly when it comes to the advisory aspect of our service.

I think that what our people appreciate most in STL’s work environment is the intrinsic link we have established between the importance we give to technological innovation, and our drive to apply the benefits of these developments to myriad clients, whether they’re start-ups, established businesses, or companies just looking to grow or diversify. Such an outlook has given them the opportunity for extensive professional growth, supporting hotels, financial institutions, and banks, retail and catering outlets, as well as major telecoms, amongst many others, both locally and overseas.