We are proud to announce that Smart Technologies, are now an approved members of the Partner Ready program and qualifies as Aruba Silver Partner.

Aruba Silver Partner
Aruba PartnerReady Certificate

We all know that data is an elusive thing. We deal with it every day, in every shape and form, yet it remains largely intangible, largely abstract.

With our mobility solutions, this is more the case than ever. STL makes it even easier to collaborate and share knowledge without ever being in the presence of anyone else.

The benefits of this are endless. Not only does it increase flexibility, productivity and efficiency in general, but it also makes remote working easier, as well as allows for more seamless contact with other entities.

Why should you trust STL for your network and Wi-Fi solutions? Over the past two years alone, we’ve set up 3000 wireless access points, which are monitored and maintained through our managed services help desks.

As you can imagine, this experience has allowed us to learn how to accommodate different clients in all fields. We’ve worked extensively in the hospitality industry, but of course, have also worked with clients of numerous other ventures.

Our network, Wi-Fi and mobility services are continually refined through collaborations with top name entities such Aruba.