To expand and forge meaningful partnerships, Smart Technologies Ltd have chosen to invest in other companies. Investing goes hand-in-hand with our business objective of supporting companies with their IT platform and collaborating to expand our services.

The companies we pick are innovative and purposeful, to match our business persona. We are looking to expand our list of investments, as one of our targets towards growing our company.


Forcive pride themselves in delivering the first-ever Information Operating System to aid digital companies with their data management. It focuses on data and information; providing its users with various tools including Enterprise Information Archive, Record Management, Data Discovery, Data Loss Preventions and more.

This inventive tool functions on 4 pillars: Dynamic Data Distribution, Dynamic Data Structures, Data Process and Access Control.

Holistic Institute of Technologies

As pioneers in the industry, this institute has been at the forefront of technology schooling for over two decades.

The focus has been to educate and equip students to face the competitive world of technology with industry-leading training from only the top experts in the field.