Smart Technologies Ltd. have been in business since 2008, providing renting, leasing, outsourcing and procurement services for IT. The company was co-founded by Joe Aquilina, an expert in the field of both business and IT. He was joined by Ruben as CCO, who, with his extensive experience in the industry, provided the company with the more complex products and solutions it required to thrive. Manuel forms part of the team as COO IT and brings the company much needed project and strategy management.

Flexibility is at the core of our company’s spirit, as we believe companies require effective, tailormade IT packages – at their own pace, budget and convenience and according to your personal needs – in order to prosper. It’s important that you focus on starting up and developing your business, rather than lose sleep over trying to acquire equipment and solve your IT needs. Here, we come in to guarantee that you can get right back into business, hassle-free.

Constantly upgrading your tech to keep up with the standards of the day is a major struggle for startups in particular, but if you trust your IT with us, it doesn’t have to be this way. We partner up with well-known brands to bring you top-notch IT outsourcing services for anything you require.

Our extensive work throughout the years has made us one of the leading IT companies on the island and a one-stop shop for efficient IT solutions. We have been investing in other companies that fit our vision – including Forcive and the Holistic Institute of Technology.